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ZDRÓJ (free punk, experimental, kraut, crk salka)

18 marca | 20:00 - 21:30

Polish/Dutch duo Zdrój performs noise-punk improvisations with a free-spirited, mischievous disposition. The band’s self-titled debut – released on LP by Fonoradar Records and on MC by Syf Records – can be considered a snapshot of the infectious chemistry between founders Jakub Zasada and Sebastiaan Janssen.
Zdój recorded the album in late August 2020 with producer Piotr Semiras at Tranzystor Studio in Wrocław. The recordings were edited with Łukasz Plata, mixing was done by Szymon Szwarc and mastering by Mateusz Wysocki.
All tracks were conceived as improvisations without any set structures or motives and won’t ever be played again. No overdubs were used in the making of this record.
Jakub Zasada – guitar
Sebastiaan Janssen – drums
Artwork by Jakub Zasada
„It’s guitar noise with kraut repetitiveness mixed with the rawness of punk rock played so naively that I would most like to describe it as musical outsider art. It’s an oeuvre that doesn’t beg to be liked and mocks the rules governing rock music.” – Rękopis znaleziony w Arkham
„The songs on „Zdrój” are short miniatures. There is little mathematical combining and sonic exploration here – guitar juggling, percussion acrobatics and intense playing are the order of the day. This explains the way in which the album was created – the material was unplanned, extracted from several hours of recording sessions that took place spontaneously and without any assumptions.” – Jakub Knera, Czas Kultury
„The 14 short pieces are exercises in synchronization in improvisation. For these are forms created on the fly, which is no small feat by the way, and full of inner discipline. The musicians here work on raw loops, in which the distorted guitars are somewhat reminiscent of the dirty and dense sounds of contemporary African artists.” – Bartek Chaciński, Polifonia


18 marca
20:00 - 21:30
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